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An impressive luxury Gift for any occasion! Ideal for:

* Birthdays and Anniversaries

* Christenings and Weddings

* Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Name’s Day

* Christmas and Easter

* New Mother and Baby

* Gift to someone that you love...

Our luxury gift box includes five full size organic handmade soaps made with 100% organic ingredients, without any artificial colours, fragrances or toxic harmful substances, just pure natural ingredients from mother earth.

Ideal gift for the whole family including the little ones.

The Luxury Gift Box includes the following handmade organic soaps:

SAHARA Soap with Camel Milk

Bedouin’s Diamond. Camel Milk has excellent cosmetic benefits due to its high content of Vitamin A,B and C. Camel Milk is unique in its natural ability to nourish, smooth and moisturize the skin. Its natural anti-bacterial properties help to maintain a healthy and shiny skin.

VILLAGE Soap with Goat Milk

Grandma’s Soap. Goat Milk has excellent cosmetic properties and gives a rich and creamy foam. It balances the PH of the skin and stimulates tired and languid skin. It is full of essential nutrients and vitamins that are absorbed into the body providing a smooth, healthy and soft skin.

GOLD Soap with Argan Oil

Maroko’s gold. Rare Argan oil is valuable for its nutritional and cosmetic properties of the skin, hair and nails. It prevents premature aging and sagging skin. Also, it increases skin elasticity and firmness. The essential fatty acids on Argan oil helps in skin repair and builds a protective layer that protects the skin cells from UV rays and other pollutants in the environment.

EUPHORIA Soap with Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is considered as one of the most nutritious oils worldwide. It hydrates and refreshes all skin layers and helps treating many chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema and skin allergies. It is anti-aging and protects the skin cells from UV rays. Studies are being conducted on its therapeutic activity against cancer.

CLEOPATRA Soap with Donkey Milk

Donkey milk has powerful anti-aging and deep nourishment properties. Retain skin regeneration and helps in treating many chronic skin problems and allergies. Skin regains its shine and vitality. Contains proteins that has moisturizing effects and helps in maintaining the PH level of the skin.

As quite well-known the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had baths only with donkey milk.