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Healthy Breakfast by HANDY SPA!
A Healthy Breakfast is a great way to start the day. Make sure to give your body the nutrients it needs with these 5 organic Handy Spa Products.
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1 x Organic Spirulina 100% Pure 
Spirulina is fresh water blue - green algae that are considered as the world’s most nutritionally complete superfood. It is the world's No.1 superfood. It speeds up weight loss, enhances energy performance, helps removing toxins from blood, improves liver function ...
1 x Hemp Coffee
Hemp Coffee is the finest, full flavored blend of the premium roasted ground coffee beans (Arabica 90%, Robusta 10%). It is the best way to enjoy the taste of coffee while at the same time take the advantage of the great nutrient qualities of the hemp seed... 
1 x Hemp Protein Powder
Organic Hemp Protein contains all the necessary amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body. With 50% vegetable protein content, hemp protein is a great source of essential fatty acids and fibers. It is Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Yeast-free and Vegan...
1 x Organic Ginger Syrup 
Delicious golden sweetly spiced syrup to sweeten and flavour beverages and desserts...
1 x Organic Hemp Seeds 
Contains all the necessary amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body. Improves cell metabolism and the immune system...







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